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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have these worms indoors and outdoors, and they do just fine if you give them enough space, food, and moisture. We don’t recommend placing them in above-ground containers. Soil temperatures must stay below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

We try to replicate what Mother Nature does in the wild. We do this with the use of a microscope and the help of microbes in the soil. Creating a habitat as close as possible to what you would find in nature so worms and plants can live happily and healthy

There is an industry rule of thumb of 1lb of worms per sqft of compost area. We like to say it depends, because it comes down to how much food you can feed them. For 1 or 2 people 1/2lb to 1lb is a good start and for a family of 4 a minimum of 1lb is what we recommended. 

Yes, you can add worms to comkpost as long as its a static pile and yes you can put worms in your garden as long as you feed the worms. Both a compost and garden should be a minimum of 18″ deep and a minimum of 6 sqft with irrigation to survive our summers.

We currently use USPS to ship your products and they are shipped to any of the lower 48 states in the continental USA. 

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Unfortunately, all orders are non-refundable after products have been processed and sent out for shipping.

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