Worms improving your garden, farm, and landscape.

In the desert's harsh embrace, worms and their castings emerge as the oasis's natural allies, revitalizing arid soil and fostering life against all odds.

What are we doing with worms?

We use worms to efficiently recycle organic waste into nutrient-rich worm castings while promoting sustainable gardening and waste reduction practices.

Red Wigglers and their castings play a vital role in gardens and farms by enhancing soil fertility and structure. These industrious worms consume organic matter, breaking it down into nutrient-rich castings, which act as a natural fertilizer and soil conditioner. When added to soil, it improves water retention, promotes beneficial microbial activity, and provides essential nutrients, leading to healthier plant growth, increased crop yield, and overall sustainable agricultural practices.

Here's how worms can help.



We produce Red Wigglers and use them to process our organic material. It’s been said that the Red Wiggler can eat its body weight in food a day. These worms are the best option when it comes to dealing with our local climate.

worm castings


The waste products created by the worms are called castings. The organic make-up in castings helps the soil retain water, improves aeration, and contains plant-available nutrients that would otherwise be washed away using synthetic products. Castings house beneficial soil microorganisms that produce, store, and slowly release readily available nutrients your plants can use immediately. They also aid in suppressing plant pests and diseases.



Compost helps improve the structure and health of your soil by adding broken-down organic material. It helps retain moisture and nutrients by attracting beneficial organisms to help break down the larger organic matter. Compost also reduces the need to use other fertilizers.

worm tea and extract

Teas and Extracts

Teas and extracts have similar benefits when compared to castings and compost. The difference is that it’s a liquid version of compost and castings on steriods. Creating the teas allows the microorganisms and nutrients to increase in population. This makes tea very concentrated and easy to apply to lawns, gardens, and farmland. When creating extracts, we only extract the microbes and nutrients from the solids and retain them in liquid form.

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