The Benefits of having Worms
16 Mar 10:00 AM
Until 16 Mar, 11:00 AM 1h

The Benefits of having Worms

place Special Projects Nursery 8755 W. La Madre, Las Vegas, Nevada 89149, United States expand_more
Worms can not only help your plants but save your back!

The Special Project Nursery has invited us to talk all about worms. During this 1 hourish presentation we will cover worms and the special things they can bring to your garden. This will be an outdoor event so no death my powerpoint!!!! YAY

What you’ll learn:
      • The type of worms their are
      • Worms that work best in our climate
      • The benefit worms bring to the soil and your plants
      • We may touch on how to keep them if we have time.
What to bring:
      • Yourself, of course
      • A friend because sharing is caring
      • Any questions you may have
      • Also don't forget water or your favorite beverage

The Special Project Nursery is a 501c3 Non-profit organizations and donations would be greatly appreciated so they can continue to educate people, especially children, about how to grow organic food in the desert.

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