06 Apr 10:00 AM
Until 06 Apr, 11:00 AM 1h

Creating Worm/Compost Teas and Extracts

place San Miguel Community Garden 3939 Bradley Rd, Las Vegas NV 89130 expand_more

I am sure you have heard about teas and extracts and this is exactly what we will be discussing. During this event we will talk about all the liquids associated with your compost and worm bins. Then we'll talk about few things we will get into a little bit of living soil. Once we have all of that out of the way there will be a little quest for everyone to do before we starting brewing. This will all be done outside, there is some shade. So if you want to learn how to make your compost/castings last longer, create your own fertilizer, and save money come out and join us.

What you’ll learn:
      • The type of liquids associated with compost and worm bins
      • The benefit of creating a tea or extract
      • The does and don'ts
What to bring:
      • Yourself, of course
      • A friend because sharing is caring
      • Any questions you may have
      • Good shoes
      • We will be outside so a hat or sunglasses
      • Pen and paper if you want to take notes
      • Also don't forget water or your favorite beverage
Things to consider:

This event is open to anyone and everyone.
There are no age restrictions, but please be aware that this is a garden and there are dangerous tools, trees, plants, and other things that can hurt you.


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