All About Worms

All About Worms
20 Apr 08:00 AM
Until 20 Apr, 09:00 AM 1h

All About Worms

This is a all about worms and what they do for us in our soil and the garden. While worms are a good indication of a healthy soil, why are they there, what do they do? We discuss all of this and more during this event.

While there are thousands of worms in the world there are only a few that will do magic for your plants and garden. There are even fewer that will survive our harsh climate and yes they will surive in our climate with a little bit of care. We will talk about about this during the event.

If you are interested in healthier plants, more blooms, more fruits-n-vegetables all while doing less, then come on out and we will tell you how this is possible!

This event was hosted by the Provident Community Garden. To find out more information about what they do, check out the link below.

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