How to use worm castings.

Worm castings are a living organism that gives plants nutrients and also helps strengthen their immune system again pests and pathogens. They require moisture and air just like other living organism in order to stay alive. Using castings regularly ensures plants have what they need to grow big, strong, and health.

Their are multiple ways to use worm castings.

First, you can use them to top dress your indoor or outdoor plants. For indoor plants a teaspoon per month for smaller potted plants and more for bigger plants. It’s best to dig a small hole and place the castings in and cover it. Once you top dress follow it up with some dechlorinated water, rain water, or water thats been sitting out for 24 hrs.

Castings in hand 1

Second, if you are setting up new poting mix or garden bed mix it into the soil at a ration of no more than 20%. Anything over 20% does not provide a better result and may diminish some benefits. 

Third, castings can be used to boost your seed germination rates. Just simply add the worm castings to your seedlings or newly planted plants to help get them established and then follow up with regular feedings their after

Here is a chart to help you use the right amount of worm castings based on container size.

2 Tablespoons for smaller or indoor plants
4” pot (1 pint) = ¼ – ½ cup of casings
8” pot (1 gal) = 2 ½ – 3 cups of castings
12” pot (5 gal) = 14 – 16 cups or 1 gal of castings

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