What temperature is best for your worms?

Just like humans, not all worms are the same. Some of us like the cold weather while others like the heat and then a few of us just want to live in a mild climate.

We live here in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we deal with extreme heat and droughts. This can be a huge issue with raising worms. Most worms prefer to stay within the 50°F to 80°F and with our temperatures ranging from 110°F in the summer to 20°F in the winter, it can be a real struggle to keep them alive outdoors. 

In order to cover this topic appropriately, let’s start looking at the type of worms that are available and then we will look at some options available to ensure the best survival for your worms.  There are a few types of composting worms out there, so let’s talk about a few and what temperatures they prefer to live in. 


– First, we have the heat loving African Nightcrawlers. Their ideal temperature is around 75°F-85°F with the danger zones being above 95°F or below 45°F. 

– Next is the European Nightcrawler which enjoys a milder climate. These guys enjoy a nice 60°F-70°F and if temperatures go above 80°F or below  45° they will need to be protected. 

– The last one we will discuss is the Red Wiggler. These guys are the middle of the road guys when it comes to worms. They like temperatures that are between 55°F to 77°F. Caution should be taken if temperatures rise above 85°F or if they drop below 45°F.  

From personal experience, I have had red wigglers in the 90°F range, but they don’t like it at all and I wouldn’t recommend keeping them at that temperature for too long. I have also had them at 45° and they are very slow and sluggish. I hope you found this information helpful and know which worm would suit your situation best.  

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